Friday, September 27, 2013

Rick + Sherry: Married

 The day started off kind of overcast and there was talk of rain. The light was beautiful and the trees looked so green. I pulled up to the Jacobson's house where all the festivities were happening that day and it was beautiful. Rick and Sherry were getting hitched in a few hours and everyone was so excited for them!

 The dress! Couldn't have chosen a better one. Sherry looked stunning in it!


 Sherry got her hair and makeup done in the front room. She was calm, sippin on diet coke and laughing about sharks under her bed. :) 
Her sister helped button all the little buttons down the back of her dress...with a crochet hook! She looked amazing!
Rick got ready just down the road at a beautiful little hotel called The Willows
 Just before the ceremony began the sun broke through the clouds and warmed things up a little. Perfect!

 The Candy Shoppe
 The Cake
 A little pre-ceremony toast.

 And they were married!! 

 They both beamed all day! 

 They are so cute. Seriously.

 A little old fashioned.

 The toasts were great and there were even some tears shed. It was a great evening!
 This is pretty much how Rick looked at Sherry all night. Completely smitten. Makes me get a little teary myself just writing it. They are perfect for each other. 
There was plenty of dancing, sparklers and fun to follow! It was a great party!

They took off in the Old Mule! The truck was giant! Congrats Rick and Sherry!
Thank you!!


Sherry Marsh said...

Beautiful pictures Candice! Thanks for capturing the magic of the day.

Johna said...

Great work! Great photographer! Great person! :0) Glad to spend some time together celebrating these two lovebirds.

Sharon Mulder said...

Incredible pictures!! Love them.....they really do represent the spirit and the beauty of this event!